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. we're hearing that crews are on the scene working it right now. and as an alternate, use fourth street toward third street. that will get you back over to 395. that's for all southbound travelers. let's take you over to 95. that's where we still have some lingering construction here. it is probably going to be with us until about 5:00 a.m. taking away the right lane, you'll want to stay to the left to get by. moving over to the issues on the beltway, there are none to report on the maryland side from 95 to georgia, pretty much smooth sailing. as you make your way into virginia, you'll want to stay to the right because we have more roadwork out that way. on eastbound 66, you're all clear from centreville toward route 50. in my next report, that will be at 4:40. we're going to have the latest development on that overnight investigation involving the third street tunnel accident. back to you. >>> well, here is a look at some things which happened while you slept. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says libyan leader muammar gadhafi appears delusional because of his assertion
to tell you about. but there is construction. a lot of it going to be with us for the next half hour or so. virginia, the inner loop, residual construction between 7 and the toll road. do take note, the ramp to get to the toll road from the inner loop is currently shut down. should be opening up by the 5:00 hour and then if you're traveling on 267 headed eastbound, you won't be able to access the route 7 ramp until april 8th. use springhill road. let's move it over to the maryland side of things and show you the outer loop at route 50 and also past annapolis and the bw parkway. we have work zones set up on all three of these spots here. you'll lose the right lanes. moving up to 95 headed southbound at powder mill, watch for the left lane being blocked out there and finally, 270 from clopper road down to interstate 370, here is your live look. that's where we have more construction with us until 5:00. still ahead around 4:40, i'll have a look at route 50 in maryland. andrea and mike, over to you. >>> thanks, angie. it is day four of operation odyssey dawn in libya. >> day three was a repeat
empty? half full! all right. [ laughter ] >> unfortunately, weatherwise, our best days are behind us for the week. >> oh! >> seems to be going downhill. it was nice yesterday afternoon. it was really nice on monday as well. we have wet weather to start your wednesday. some thunderstorms before the day is out and some colder weather moving in just in the next couple of days and for the weekend. so, you'll need jackets from now on the way it is looking. today we're look at 40s this morning. 47 with some light rain. maybe a break or two midday. might even see some peeks of sunshine especially south of town. for the afternoon, evening commute. showers and storms, temperatures will warm to the upper 50s to near 60 in town. low to mid-60s west of washington across parts of northern virginia. notice the showers this morning that have been tracking overnight. mainly to the north here, we've had some south. heavier stuff along the mason dixon line. some of this will be coming through over the next few hours with the spotty showers. readings in the low 50s, culpepper, fredericksburg, tappahann
. it still takes away a couple of left lanes. drivers are able to get by here on the right using one lane. but this is only in the hov lanes. it is not impacting the flow of traffic in your regular lanes. let's take it over to 95 before that. everything is all clear out of dumfries to the springfield interchange. i-95 is moving well. good morning, maryland. we're tracking 270 heading southbound. no issues to report out of frederick. 95 and the bw parkway nice clean and green. coming up in my next traffic report at 4:32 -- 4:41, we'll have more on the accident on 395. back to you. >>> thank you, angie. here is a look at what happened while you slept. >> a powerful earthquake hit in the south pacific. there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries and at this point, no tsunamis expected. the u.s. geological surae said the 6.6 quake struck 19 miles beneath the ocean floor. >> we have a commuter alert for drivers taking the intercounty connector. the free ride is over. starting today, drivers in cars and light trucks will pay $1.45 during peak hours and $1.15 during off-peak hours. over
. >> reporter: ashley's mom began to fight for a lasting memorial. they're not required to use lights and sirens while running a light or stop sign. >> my goal was to help other families so they didn't have to go through what our family had to endure as a result of a preventable accident. >> reporter: the virginia legislature has just passed ashley's law. at red lights -- >> police are now required to use and activate their lights and sirens. yield to other cars. if they decide not to use their sirens, such as in a hostage situation, they must come to a complete stop. >> reporter: no more of this -- >> as a mother, and -- i wanted to do what i could to honor my daughter's life and help others. i feel ashley would be very proud that we persevered to the end. and that we accomplished in honor of her memory and her life helping and saving other people. >> reporter: ashley's law -- a mother's love, ashley's legacy. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting there. now the officer was acquitted on criminal charges. is no longer though with the fairfax county police department. the chief has increased train
, march 28th. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us today. we begin with howard bernstein and today's forecast. the cherry blossoms look good. >> we were all downtown on saturday for the nationality marathon, it was a great event. the weather was fine. those will peak, and they will peak, but it will be chilly. if you're going to see them, bundle up and pick your days because not every day this week is going to be great. wednesday is not going to be a good day. friday will be questionable as well. here's a look today, today will not be bad at all, except on the cool side with temperatures, which will be struggling to get into the upper 40s. midday we'll have clouds passing south of town, upper 30s then. so you need to do anything outside, jacket weather and gloves and hats this morning. look at the storm system, we have a very active jet stream, no exception this week. quick moving system with snow on the northern end, which will slip into parts of southern virginia. parts of the carolinas with heavier rain, alabama, georgia and carolinas as well. lots of cold ai
out to the west. some of us north and west of town may see wet flakes mixing in. even this evening. at 9:00, looking at the day planner, there could be an isolated shower or wet snow shower out there. better chance of seeing steady rain developing midday into the afternoon. what's going to pick up and be a raw day. we're 45 now. that's probably as warm as we're going to be. i think temperatures will be dropping off into the upper 30s over the next few hours. low 40s at noon. back into the upper 40s at 5:00 p.m. skies were clear much of the night. frederick is up to 30. 38 winchester. where the clouds are thicker, we have the mid-40s in fredericksburg. leesburg. here is the moisture in kentucky and especially down across georgia, alabama, going down to the south all feeding off to the east-northeast. we'll see rain develop at times, it is just going to be moderate today. we'll see if we can get it out of here and have some drizzle and some isolated sprinkles tomorrow. get that nationals game in. no problems flying out of reagan national, dulles or bwi. going south of charleston, atl
remains closed throughout the morning between van dorn street and south picket. use duke street as the alternate. also in virginia, virginia northbound 95, finding all lanes open all the way to the mixing bowl. 66, the eastbound trip, drivers out there making it at speed from centerville past through 50. on the maryland side of things, on the outer loop between 95 and georgia, everything is clear. we are dealing with some inner loop construction in maryland. it's at route 50, you're losing a couple of right lanes and then lose three left lanes near route 4 pennsylvania avenue. coming up in my next traffic report. around 4:42, a look at 267 and the dulles toll road. >>> here's a look at some things which happened while you slept. nasa is extending the voyage by an extra day. >> they are going to begin unloading a new storage unit they delivered to the international space station. >> discovery will remain at the space station until monday. landing is now scheduled for wednesday. the most traveled shuttle will end its career with a total of 365 days spent in space. >>> prince georg
roane. >> thanks for joining us. we're glad you're here. angie goff, good morning. mr. howard bernstein has your weather first. >> showers still around this morning. grab the umbrella. grab a heavy coat. it will be chilly today. the chill will be with us through the weekend. it does look like the cherry blossoms bloom could be a little shorter. we're talking march 29th through april 1st starting next wednesday, i believe. here we go this morning. your day planner where we've got the showers around in spots through midmorning. then as we go through the afternoon, some more sunshine and it will be breezy and chilly, highs near 50. don't even be surprised if a wet snowflake mixes in north and west before the showers fall out. we're already down to 41. we have cloudy skies. first batch of showers and then the line of strong thunderstorms came through, had a few warnings last night. areas of hail. this morning, we're watching some showers still coming out of west virginia into southwestern areas of our viewing area, harrisonburg, stanton. we'll see that come through then things should start
't ready to rush into anything yet. >> reporter: u.s. officials remain wary about imposing a no- fly zone over libya. secretary of defense robert gates warned wednesday that taking such military action could be a huge operation. >> let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. >> reporter: a no-fly zone would prevent libya from launching air attacks on its own citizens. yesterday, troops loyal to muammar gadhafi dropped bombs over a city. the forces briefly succeeded before rebels beat them back. while american warships have moved closer to libya, the white house admits it's still a long way from taking any more military action. there is a great deal of caution that is being exercised with respect to any actions that we might take other than in support of humanitarian missions. >> reporter: speaking before a cheering crowd, gadhafi warned against any intervention. he's threatening to turn libya into another vietnam, saying if the u.s. or another country steps in, they will drown in blood. but rebel leaders are asking for outside help. they have formed thei
. >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. welcome to 9news now. today is tuesday, march 8th. this is the lovely angie goff. she'll have traffic in a moment. >> andrea roane has the day off and this week in fact. >> we have howard bernstein. not bad to start the work week, huh? >> not bad at all. we should crack into the low 50s. tomorrow, showers arrive. a flood watch has been posted for much of the area starting tomorrow early in the afternoon. this goes until 1:00 a.m. friday. we could be looking at another two or three inches or more of rain here by thursday evening. thursday night when this thing pulls away. today, looking at your day planner, plenty of sunshine. pretty good day. it will mix with clouds at times. low to mid-40s by 11:00. by 1:00, about 50 degrees. we'll make it into the lower 50s for the high. a few more clouds especially by this afternoon. 5:00 p.m. temperature with an east wind and the 5 to 10-mile-per-hour range around 49 degrees. we can handle that. had clouds overnight. some showers out in the mississippi valley approaching parts of kentucky and te
across the viewing area. let's take a look at some construction that's still with us. 95 in virginia actually everything is cleared out of the way on this roadway. some good news there, delay and incident-free up towards springfield interchange. moving right along with your continuing on to 395, notice our lanes are wide open between duke street all the way to the 14th street bridge. the next stop, i-66 headed eastbound, making your way out of the hay market to inside the beltway, drivers moving at speed. the construction on 270, near falls old southbound, otherwise, you're wide open and on the outer loop at route 50, we've got some construction set up blocking the right lane and then the right lane at route 1. is still ahead a look ahead at 50 headed westbound. >>> and an amber alert issued last night remains in place. >> officers say the children's father, 22-year-old robert anthony andreaerson ii abducted them. >> police are looking for -- they say anderson is possibly armed and may be wearing a bulletproof vest. >> the children's names are robert and tiara. if you have any inform
in taxpayer money was used to rescue big banks and firms during the financial crisis of 2008. the government has now gotten back $251 billion. how is your anxiety level when you check out your bank  statement? a lot of us are reaching for the tums. a survey commissioned by transunion reports 2/3 of adults say they're either always or sometimes stressed by money and finances. about a third of us are doing a bit better. 34% say they're rarely or never stressed out about money. i would put myself in the first category of having a little stress. >> even a little, yes. i can't imagine those who don't but they may be the millionaires who have the $7.5 million. >> or maybe they should be a little stressed. maybe they should look at the credit cards. >> a bill intended to upgrade the nation's air-traffic control system may be dead on arrival. we'll explain shortly. >>> new baggage fees are heading our way. this time, we're talking about your carry-on. keep it here. [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks,
employment class action suit in u.s. history. >>> our time is 4:37. at 4:41, congress is taking aim at mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac. >>> at 4:49, we talk to two of the people responsible for saving the life of president reagan after his assassination attempt 30 years ago. >>> but up next, a quick check on the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first. >> howard with you here at 4:40 on this tuesday morning. sunshine. clear skies out there this morning. we'll have sunshine today. it will be a little bit on the cool side for this time of year. highs make 50 to 55. lunchtime temperatures in the lower 40s. don't forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and jacket as well. still kind of cool out there. we'll be back talking about some rain and the rest of the week. right now, here's angie with your timesaver traffic. >> thanks, hb. >> we're tracking the westbound trip for those of you travelling from the eastern shore crossing through annapolis and all the way toward washington. smooth sailing. lanes are wide open. we'll look at some virginia roads. i'll h
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